Dr D Lopicic

Dr D. Lopičić, a specialist in dental prosthetics, offers clients the best quality methods in the field of:

  • dental prosthetics
  • oral and dental surgery, 
  • oral surgery (dental extraction), 
  • aesthetic dentistry (tooth whitening), 
  • jaw orthopedics, 
  • child and preventive dentistry for 30 years, periodontics and implantology. 

The quality of our services has convinced a huge number of our regular clients. Our dental office is equipped with a very modern service, and we perform all services completely painlessly, quickly and efficiently according to the latest methods of dental practice using the latest and the highest quality dental equipment and materials according to the world dental standards. 

Long-term trust among its patients has been built thanks to great commitment to patients and constant improvement of quality of dental services. 

Our kindly and experienced ones are always available to all patients in solving dental problems. In our country, dental examination is free and you can always get expert advice from our kind people. The special benefit is that the practice gives a family discount, a discount for pensioners and students, as well as the possibility of paying for rates. 

The dental office consists of the team: 

  • Dr Dragana Lopičić - specialist in dental prosthetics, 
  • Dr Mirjana Predojević - Doctor of Dentistry, as well as professional associates and professors from the Faculty of Dentistry in Belgrade. 

If you need a specialist dental prosthetics, or the help of a general dentist, then you are in the right place.


  • Bonding
    30 €
  • Braces
    800€ per jaw
  • Crowns and Caps
    100 - 200€
  • Dentures
    250 - 300€
  • Extractions
    30 - 100€
  • Fillings and Repairs
    40 €
  • Gum Surgery
    On request
  • Root Canals - Endodontics
    50 - 100€ per tooth
  • Teeth Whitening
    150 - 200€
  • Sealants
    25€ per tooth
  • Veneers
    200 €
  • Exams
    10 €
  • Cleaning
    30 €
  • Cavity drilling
    30 €
  • Gingivitis treatment
    60€ per jaw
  • Enamel degradation treatment
    30 €
  • Bridges
    On request
  • Implants
    500 - 800€

Reviews (1)

  • lovemydentist27/11/2018

    Dr Ivana changed my opinion regarding dentists. Extremely kind and gentle and guides you through the entire procedure in the most soothing way. The work is impeccable and the space really beautiful, clean and cosy.


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